Wine, Beer and Cider Tourism

New Zealand is a land of rich soils and great weather. Indeed, growing conditions for grapes, apples, hops and barley are ideal and New Zealand excels in the production of these crops. Kiwis also know how to use what they’ve grown and create fantastic beverages from them. Wine, beer and cider produced in the country is world class, giving classic styles a modern, kiwi twist to create something special. As a visitor it’s well worth sampling these wares, as many do, but even more enjoyable is to visit the places and the people responsible for them.

Wine Tourism

There are 700 wineries and 13 wine regions dotted throughout the country. The maritime climate, pure mountain water and diverse soils create a wide range of excellent grape varieties, and ultimately, fantastic wines. There are a large number of guided tours running that will allow you to get close and personal with the grape vines. Knowledgeable guides are full of useful facts and information and will give you a rundown of how wine is made and the special techniques used to grow the best grapes. There will of course be tastings and, more often than not, sumptuous lunches or dinners to accompany the wine. Tours vary in duration with simple afternoon visits to multi day tours taking in a number of regions and wineries.

Craft Beer Tour

The first craft brewery opened its doors in 1981 and after a somewhat slow start, the craft beer revolution has really taken off over the last decade or so. There are now over 80 microbreweries spread across the country, several brew pubs and countless craft beer bars. As the majority of breweries are located within the urban areas, many tours can be walked. Enthusiastic guides will take you through the streets of numerous cities and towns, taking you to the best craft breweries and pubs. Other trip ideas include brew days or simply a solo visit to a brewery, where you will be able to try beer from the source.

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