Wine, Beer and Cider Tourism

New Zealand is a land of rich soils and great weather. Indeed, growing conditions for grapes, apples, hops and barley are ideal and New Zealand excels in the production of these crops. Kiwis also know how to use what they’ve grown and create fantastic beverages from them. Wine, beer and cider produced in the country is world class, giving classic styles a modern, kiwi twist to create something special. As a visitor it’s well worth sampling these wares, as many do, but even more enjoyable is to visit the places and the people responsible for them.

Hitting the Casino

New Zealand is home to six fantastic casinos, all offering a change from a typical night out. Responsible gambling is taken seriously in New Zealand, and there is an emphasis on fun and entertainment. All of the casinos are fully licensed and take measures to ensure that all their customers have a good experience, even when the chips are down.